In the spirit of nurturing creative research, development, and action, The Goat Farm Arts Center and The Hambidge Center for Creative Arts & Sciences and have joined forces again to proudly present an unconventional public action project in Atlanta. FIELD EXPERIMENT 2016 aims to bring groundbreaking work to the surface with the following support: $20,000 commission, a residency, and & collaborative production assistance to realize a prodigious vision for Atlanta. Priority will be given to work that is interactive, collaborative, and accessible to the public. We invite artists, scientists, architects, performers, and visionaries to work individually or collectively to create new paths for our city.


Finalists will be selected to present their concepts in a compelling fashion to the public on April 23rd for the Hambidge Gala attracting over 1,000 patrons. Each finalist will receive $2,000 plus technical and production assistance. The winning project will be selected by the panelists and announced on May 2nd, 2016.


Presentation of the full-scale winning project in late 2016 in the streets, skies or anywhere in Atlanta. The creator/creative team for the winning project will receive $20,000, technical and production support, and a two week residency at The Hambidge Center.




Any individual, team, or creative collaborative may submit projects. We encourage applications from creative minds representing the widest possible range of perspectives and demographics from anywhere in the world. Safety first, but we encourage risk-taking and put no limits on the types of projects we hope to support. Individual applicants or at least one team member must be 18 years old.


Applicants are encouraged to think beyond traditional exhibitions and performances to engage the landscape in bold new ways. Those who are familiar with Atlanta and have a site in mind, may note this in their proposals along with any secured permission. This is not required and will not affect evaluation of submissions.


We are looking for carefully crafted projects that engage the community in unique and interesting ways over time as appropriate to the project concept. While all final projects should be temporary, they may last only a few moments or months.


The $20,000 budget includes both material costs and artist fees. We do not expect an exact budget with the initial proposal, but want to make sure that the whole project is carefully considered including installation and labor costs. We are committed to realizing the vision of the winning project and will do all we can to provide in-kind support of equipment, tools, staff, site selection, and installation assistance. Please clearly outline requested in-kind support in the budget proposal.


Applications are to be submitted online at: with the following Proposal Requirements:

A $10 application fee covers the online system costs necessary to consolidate and streamline the panel review process. Use of requires signing up and creating a password. You will be able to save incomplete applications and return to them later.

If the fee or online application process stands in the way of you applying for any reason, please contact Mark DiNatale at for details on an alternative way to apply.